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After Implant Placement

If you have post-op instructions questions regarding the implant placement surgery or your stay plate, please click on the appropriate link.

What Are The Potential Problems?

Although it is natural to be concerned about the discomfort that may be caused by dental implant surgery, most patients do not experience significant post-operative problems. Patient should expect some level or pain, swelling, and/or bleeding. Dr. Filippi and the office staff will review the post-operative instructions prior to discharge. Dr. Filippi will also prescribe appropriate post-operative antibiotics and pain medication to make recovery as smooth as possible. Rarely do some patients develop post-operative problems, including infections that require additional treatment. Be sure to contact Dr. Filippi as soon as possible after noting a problem or concern.

What Can I Use For Teeth While The Dental Implants Heal?

Several options are available for patients to use as temporary teeth during surgical healing. People who are having front or side teeth replaced will usually wear a stay plate (as known as a flipper) to fill in the empty space so it appears a tooth is present. Usually patient who are have a back tooth replaced will forgo temporary teeth. Patients who have having all of their teeth replaced will wear a complete denture as a temporary, unless a temporary bridge can be secured to the dental implants immediately after placement.

When Are The Replacement Teeth Attached To The Dental Implant?

The final tooth or teeth will be attached to the dental implants by the restorative after sufficient healing. The healing process of a dental implant called “osseointegration,” the fusion of bone to the titanium, is what makes dental implants possible. (not sure about the grammar here) Dental implants typically are allowed to heal for three to six months before the final restoration is delivered.

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