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Dental Implant Placement

The Surgical Procedure

The surgical placement of a dental implant takes about one hour for implant and two to four hours for multiple implants. The overall number of appoints and time required varies from patient to patient.

Prior to beginning the patient will be sedated (if chosen to do so) and numbed with a local anesthetic injection. Any teeth requiring extraction will be removed. An incision will be made through the gums to access the bone. A surgical drill or other devise will prepare a hole in the bone into which the dental implant will be inserted. After the gums have been stitched closed, the top of the dental implant may be visible through the gums. If not a minor second procedure will be done after several months of healing to reaccess the dental implant.

The Healing Phase

Now the healing begins. The length of healing time varies from patient to patient depending upon the quality and quantity of bone. Dr. Filippi will advise you regarding timing. After the initial healing, Dr. Filippi will place a temporary post called a healing abutment onto the implant if this was not done so on the day of implant placement. This is usually a minor procedure that allows your restorative dental access to the dental implant through the gums. Occasionally a gum graft is needed to rebuild any gums missing adjacent to the dental implant and restoration. Any necessary gum grafts are done at this time.

When Are Dental Implants Placed?

Typically this depends upon where in the mouth the dental implant is needed and what anatomic structures are in the area. Single rooted front and side teeth usually have the dental implant placed on the same day the tooth is removed. This is called an immediate implant. The back or molar teeth usually need a two staged approach. First, the tooth is removed and bone reconstructed. Then, the implant is placed after four months of healing.

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