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Never Again Be Ashamed to Smile

There’s Life After Total Tooth Loss

When you are living with few healthy teeth remaining, you are not living life to the fullest. You are embarrassed when you speak. You try not to smile. You can not eat anything but the softest foods. However, there are ways that you can get back your full smile, your confidence, and a better quality of life. Durable, natural-looking replacement teeth that do not ever develop cavities. Come to Central Valley Periodontics & Implants for complete tooth replacement options including full mouth dental implants in Modesto, CA. In practice since 2001, Dr. Clarke Filippi is a board-certified periodontist—an honor only a fraction of his peers hold. As a periodontist, he completed three additional years of advanced specialized training in dental implants after dental school. He later completed further implant training from the prestigious Pikos Institute. And he continues to expand his expertise in the latest implant techniques and technology through many hours of continuing education courses every year. No matter how complex your case is—including complete tooth loss and bone disintegration—he has the skills and experience to provide exceptional results.

Two Full Mouth Implant Solutions

Dentures are a time-tested method of replacing missing teeth. While traditional dentures can sometimes slip out of place, there is a full mouth denture solution that provides much greater stability. Implant supported dentures bring together the best attributes of dentures and dental implants. Instead of being glued to your gums, implant supported dentures are secured in your mouth by dental implants. They will never come loose while you are eating or speaking. The longest-lasting and best option overall for rebuilding your smile is full mouth dental implants, however. You can completely regain your dental function and beauty—and your self-confidence–with full arch replacement!

  • Removable Dentures
implant supported denture
  • Implant Supported Dentures
full arch dental implants
  • Full Arch Implant Supported Bridge
Dr. Clarke Filippi, Modesto Periodontis, Discusses Options Available for Full Arch Teeth Replacement

Placing Your full mouth dental implants

Your Smile Goals and Dental Health
Wondering if you qualify for dental implants? Most of our patients do or can become eligible with one or more additional procedures. Dr. Filippi can determine your eligibility during a free, no-obligation consultation. During that initial visit he will discuss your smile goals with you and conduct a full oral examination. This includes scanning your mouth with our in-house cone beam CT equipment, which renders detailed 3D images using a small percentage of the radiation output of most X-ray machines. It works in just seconds and is completely comfortable and non-invasive. The scanner images enable Dr. Filippi to begin developing your treatment plan. For the best, most predictable outcomes, he uses surgical guides during the placement process. The information that he collects with the CT scanner is used as the basis of these guides, which are created specifically for you by nSequence®. The guides help Dr. Filippi insert your implants at precisely the correct angle and depth to provide a comfortable fit and dependable performance. nSequence technology also enables him to do a virtual test-run to identify and correct any potential issues before your actual placement procedure.
Placing Your Full Mouth Dental Implants
The first thing that you should understand about having your dental implant placement here is that you will experience little discomfort or stress. We offer multiple sedation options and Dr. Filippi is licensed by the state of California to administer IV sedation, which keeps you awake but calm. You won’t feel anything during your treatment and probably will not even remember any part of it later. Anxiety-free dental surgery is a hallmark of Dr. Filippi’s care. After you are sedated, Dr. Filippi will begin any tooth extractions or bone grafting procedures your treatment may require. Dr. Filippi will then place your customized surgical guides—made for you since your previous appointment—over your gums. These guides have holes in them that correspond with the position of your implants. He inserts an implant through each of these—as few as four per arch of teeth—and into your jaw. These will act as the roots of your new teeth, permanently anchoring your implant bridge to your jawbone. Once your implants are placed, Dr. Filippi will send you home with special instructions on how to care for your procedure site as it begins the healing process.
Recovery and Finishing Touches
If you experience any discomfort during the days immediately after your procedure, over-the-counter medications are usually sufficient. In the months following placement, your implants will gradually fuse with and become a part of your jaw. When you are fully recovered, your general dentist or restorative specialist will provide your final restorations—bright, realistic-teeth that will allow you to smile proudly for many years to come. The journey to that fully restored, healthy smile begins right here with Dr. Filippi!

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