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Reclaim A Healthy, Attractive Jawline

Every healthy, happy, confident smile has a healthy jawbone as its foundation. Without it you can lose teeth and your distinctive facial appearance. Your face may look sunken and prematurely aged. You also may not be able to eat many types of foods. If you are experiencing jawbone recession due to tooth loss or gum disease, board-certified periodontist Dr. Clarke Filippi can recapture that cornerstone of your smile. With three-years of specialized periodontal education since dental school and training from the acclaimed Pikos Institute, he is the professional to trust for bone grafting in Modesto, CA.

Regrow The Foundation Of Your Smile

With bone grafting we place a small quantity of bone material—from your own body or from other sources—in the recessed bone area. Over time the bone graft will gradually fuse with the healthy jawbone, rebuilding your bone volume and strength. With these reestablished, your jaw will be able to support dental implants —and you will be able to truly enjoy life again with a youthful, confident smile. From tooth extractions to bone grafting to implants themselves, Central Valley Periodontics & Implants is your home for comprehensive, convenient implant care.

How Do you Get a Dental implant?


Socket Preservation

After a tooth is removed the jaw bone often collapses which creates challenges to placing dental implants. By placing a bone graft into the socket immediately after tooth extraction, the jaw bone can be preserved to facilitate future dental implant placement.


Ridge Augmentation

When you lose teeth and bone your jaw loses its natural, distinctive shape. With ridge augmentation Dr. Filippi uses bone graft material to rebuild the bone in order to place a dental implant in the correct location to support the bite and recreate the proper aesthetics.


Sinus Lift

When you lose bone in the back part of your upper jaw, you can develop an additional issue that does not occur in your lower jaw. Your upper jaw contains your sinus cavities. When upper, back teeth are missing there can be inadequate jaw bone into to which a dental implant can be placed. Dr. Filippi can reconstruct adequate bone by gently elevating the sinus floor and inserting bone graft material underneath. This is known as a sinus lift.

Reverse Your Jawbone Loss

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