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Don’t Be An Oral Cancer Statistic

Care Beyond Your Teeth And Gums

Did you know that about 50,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with oral cancer every year? Equally disturbing is that it’s fatal for one in five of them. Oral pathology exams may be able to help reduce those numbers. If you have had your tongue examined as part of a routine dental checkup you have probably had an oral pathology exam. During these exams we search for unusual growths or discoloration on your gums, tongue, palate, face, and neck. Though these symptoms often are not serious, we can not overstress the importance of dental pathology in Modesto, CA.

Central Valley Periodontics & Implants can help you stay clear of serious diseases connected to oral pathology. A board-certified periodontist, Dr. Clarke Filippi is a specialist in soft tissue health. He is trained to spot oral cancer symptoms and if he finds something of concern, he can remove it and perform an in-house biopsy. Based on the results, he can recommend a course of treatment, which may include referral to a medical doctor. Dr. Filippi does not just care about your dental health—he wants you to have a happy, healthy life. Regular oral pathology exams are crucial to that.

What We Look For

Unexplained masses or lumps
Sores that won’t heal or that bleed easily
Red or white patches in your mouth
Persistent sore throat or hoarseness
Difficulty in chewing or swallowing
“Gum Bump.”

These are benign lesions that are removed with a simple excision. There is a very low chance of recurrence.


This lesion was quite large, and therefore concerning. Fortunately, upon pathologic review, this lesion was benign.

Ways To Minimize Your Oral Cancer Risk

Sometimes oral health diseases are connected to genetic factors. For example, statistics show that men are twice as likely to develop oral cancer as women. Some of the choices we make can also raise our chances. Overall, you should cut down on unhealthy habits and increase healthy ones. Limit or avoid using tobacco in any form and drinking alcohol, if at all possible. Both can contribute to the development of oral cancer.

Your diet plays a role as well. Be sure it is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, including a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits. In addition to brushing and flossing your teeth as directed, be sure to have regular dental exams and professional teeth cleanings. These allow Dr. Filippi to identify any potential problem areas early on and determine a course of treatment to keep emerging issues from becoming major ones. With your diligence and his expertise, you may be able to avoid some complex health problems!

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