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When To Repair, When To Remove

Rotten tooth? Broken tooth? No matter the cause of your tooth pain, it’s one of the worst sensations you can experience. You can not eat. You may not even be able to sleep. At Central Valley Periodontics & Implants, our initial approach is always to try and treat the tooth to save it. In some cases, we may have no other choice but to remove a tooth. Dr. Clarke Filippi is a board-certified periodontist extensively experienced both in rescuing endangered teeth and removing them when necessary. Since 2001, he has been the practitioner to trust for gentle tooth extractions in Modesto, CA.

Why You May Need Tooth Extractions

Gum disease and infection
Extensive and untreatable tooth decay
Preparation for dental implants
Dental trauma
Tooth overcrowding or extra teeth
Baby tooth that was not lost
Dr. Filippi explaining to patient which tooth will be extracted.

We Make Extractions Easy On You

If you need a tooth extraction, rest assured we will help you stay relaxed with one of our sedation options. Once you are comfortable, Dr. Filippi may make a small incision in the surrounding gums before carefully extracting the tooth. If the bone underneath has begun to recede, he can also perform bone grafting to restore its strength and mass during the same visit. He will then suture the extraction site closed to allow it to heal—a process which takes around 10 days. Be sure to follow all of Dr. Filippi’s post-extraction care instructions to have a smooth, complication-free recovery!

Turn Extraction Into An Upgrade

Congratulations—your tooth pain is gone! While that will certainly be a relief to you, tooth extractions leave you with gaps that can spoil your smile, weaken your jawbone and change your bite. Protect and rebuild your smile by replacing your extracted teeth with dental implants. Nothing looks more natural, feels more comfortable, or lasts longer. Implants do not decay, sparing you from future extractions. What’s more, Dr. Filippi can often perform tooth extractions, bone grafting, and dental implant placement in a single appointment! If you have lost a tooth or soon will, ask us what dental implants can do for your quality of life!

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