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Have red, swollen, bleeding, or painful gums? These factors are indications of gum disease. While gum disease starts in the soft tissues surrounding your teeth, it has much broader effects. The bone and teeth associated with unhealthy gums will eventually become affected. As the bone is destroyed the teeth get loose and can be lost. Untreated gum disease can even exacerbate systemic health problems. Dr. Clarke Filippi, the founder of Central Valley Periodontics & Implants, can help you overcome these issues and regain your oral health. In addition, he can correct issues that affect your oral function and esthetics. If you need periodontal surgery in Modesto, CA, you have found a proven expert.

Dr. Filippi is a board-certified periodontist who is been helping patients live happier, healthier lives since 2001. After graduating from dental school, he completed a further three years of advanced training in soft tissue treatments and dental implants. Unlike many periodontists, he did not stop there. He attained certification from the American Board of Periodontology by far exceeding the minimum educational requirements of his profession. Reach out to him if you have periodontal disease symptoms or any problems with the soft tissues of your mouth!

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Osseous Surgery

If your gum disease reaches an advanced stage, Dr. Filippi has the expertise to provide advanced procedures to treat it. With osseous surgery, he opens and peels back the affected gum tissue—the reason it is sometimes called flap surgery—to conduct intensive treatment. Licensed to personally administer IV sedation, Dr. Filippi will ensure you are comfortable throughout the process. With your gums retracted, he will remove any signs of infection from the tooth roots and bone underneath, up to and including removing the diseased tissue. He can also rebuild the bone through bone grafting during the process, if applicable. Finally, he will thoroughly disinfect the treatment area before closing it.



A frenum is the attachment some people have between the inside of the lip and the jaw. In the upper jaw the frenum can go between the two front teeth and prevent the teeth from naturally closing together. It can also cause the space between the two from teeth to reopen after orthodontic treatment. Removing the frenum in the upper jaw will allow the space between the two front teeth to be closed and stay closed. In the lower jaw the frenum can attach to the gum line of one or both of the bottom front teeth. This usually leads to gum recession. A frenectomy by itself (on top) or in conjunction with a gum graft (on the bottom) will eliminate the risk of future problems.

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