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Dentures have proven to be an acceptable solution to tooth loss for many years. They can produce acceptable results and can be an economical treatment option. Dentures do come with some drawbacks, however. Traditional dentures may eventually require adhesives, which aren’t always reliable. Your dentures can easily slip out of place during a dinner with friends or a conversation with a business associate, embarrassing you. Their instability can undermine your confidence. When dentures do not fit well, they can rub against your gums, causing irritation and soreness. Central Valley Periodontics & Implants has reliable alternatives to dentures in Modesto, CA.

Board-certified periodontist Dr. Clarke Filippi has extensive education in gum health and in dental implants, which have none of the downsides of traditional dentures. After dental school, he completed three years of advanced specialty training including soft tissue treatment and dental implants. He then furthered his implant expertise with supplementary training from the distinguished Pikos Institute. Using his well-honed skills, he is changing the lives of denture wearers with two secure, implant-based solutions.

Why Choose An Implant Solution Over Dentures?

Complete peace of mind
Worry-free meals and conversations
The ability to eat hard, chewy, and sticky foods
Greater self-confidence
A healthier jawbone
Healthier gums
floating dentures. For visual effect, dentures don't actually float

Stable Smile Solutions

Implant supported dentures bring the stability of dental implants to a denture solution. While traditional dentures rely on pastes or creams, we secure implant supported dentures using as few as four implants in your upper jaw and at least two in your lower jaw. After that they will no longer slip out of place. When you have no healthy teeth remaining, the best overall option is full mouth dental implants. They are not only secure and stable, they look natural and protect your dental health in ways implant supported dentures cannot.

When you lose teeth, the jawbone underneath loses the natural stimulation of chewing that keeps it healthy. The underlying bone will eventually begin to resorb, giving your face a sunken, aged appearance. Implants take the place of your tooth roots, preserving your jaws and smile esthetics. Full mouth dental implants incorporate up to six implants per arch of teeth for maximum stability and comfort and lasting health. If you have dentures or are considering them, consider the stable, fixed alternative—dental implants!

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