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Healthy, beautiful gums are an essential part of any smile. Even if you have healthy gums, you may find that they could benefit from esthetic improvements. Often the amount and shape of your gum tissue is keeping you from being completely happy with your smile. If you are not satisfied with the appearance of your gums, we can improve your smile with treatments including crown lengthening in Modesto, CA.

Extensively experienced in cosmetic periodontics, Dr. Clarke Filippi is a board-certified periodontist who is been turning soft tissue problems into stunning smiles since 2001. With his impeccable training and credentials, he is highly qualified to improve your smile with cosmetic periodontal procedures.

Cosmetic Periodontics Services


Aesthetic Crown Lengthening

Do you have a “gummy smile?” That is a condition in which your gums look much larger than they should in proportion to your teeth. Though not necessarily unhealthy, this condition can make you self-conscious about your smile. With aesthetic crown lengthening, Dr. Filippi can create a more pleasing balance between your gums and teeth. By removing excess gum tissue from the front of select teeth and reshaping the remaining gums, he can give you a harmonious, less gummy smile that will never embarrass you again.


Gum Grafting

Gum recession is a slow, subtle condition. Once it starts, you may not notice it for some time. You may feel it before you see it, as root exposure causes your teeth to become temperature-sensitive. Eventually, you will notice your gums are uneven across your teeth. Many of the factors behind gum recession can be prevented by good habits: Do not use tobacco, do not brush too aggressively, but do brush and floss as recommended. And when you do suffer from gum recession, come to Dr. Filippi. He can restore your gums by using either a small piece of tissue from the roof of your mouth or donor tissue and placing them in the recessed areas. He then carefully shapes them for a consistent, natural look. Gum grafting can also protect your teeth from decay. Do not leave them unprotected!


Root Coverage

Proper root coverage after gum grafting can prevent tooth sensitivity, an uneven gumline, as well as cavities and infection. Healthy gum tissue provides a barrier to infection and outside elements that ensures lasting health and function. In many cases, we may also provide healthy root coverage to protect the titanium tooth roots that come with dental implant treatment. Soft tissue grafts can ensure the success of a dental implant while also ensuring the new tooth replacement looks natural!

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