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Dental implants have revolutionized tooth replacement technology. They look, feel, and function just like natural teeth—and can last even longer. When it comes to restoring your quality of life and self-confidence, nothing else comes close. Crafted from quality materials and placed with precision, dental implants have an impressive 98% success rate. Though it is rare for a dental implant to fail, if you have a history of untreated gum disease, smoking, or uncontrolled diabetes you are more at risk for problems with your implants. Fortunately, there is a reliable remedy to failing dental implants in Modesto, CA.

A board-certified periodontist, Dr. Clarke Filippi is extensively trained and credentialed in treating issues related to your gums and dental implants. After dental school, he completed three years of advanced specialty training in those very areas. He also furthered his implant knowledge with additional training from the renowned Pikos Institute. He has both the expertise and technology to place your implants correctly the first time. If you have had mixed results elsewhere, remember that Central Valley Periodontics & Implants is your practice of choice for treatment after dental implant failure.

What Makes 2% Too High A Risk?

Of all the factors contributing to failing dental implants, peri-implantitis is the most common and likely complication. It is behind a large portion of the 2% of dental implants that do fail. Peri-implantitis is an infection that typically starts in your gums, often due to inadequate dental hygiene, teeth grinding or tobacco use. Left unchecked, peri-implantitis can cause you to lose your implants and some of your jawbone. Your missing teeth and sunken jawbone will give your face an unhealthy, aged appearance. But we can correct that or even stop it in its tracks.

Dr. Filippi starts your treatment by eradicating all signs of infection from the area. If your condition is at an advanced stage, we will try to save your dental implant by beginning a more advanced treatment plan. For this we surgically eliminate bacteria and sanitize underneath the gums as well as remove untreatable gum tissues that are contributing to the condition. Finally, we might be able to reconstruct any accompanying bone loss with bone grafting.

Telltale Signs Of Peri-Implantitis

Tender, bleeding gums around implant
Infection around the implant
Implant post showing through gums
Pain or discomfort when eating
Implant mobility
Gum recession
Image showing inflammed Dental implant.

Failing Dental Implants?

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